The Popcorn Stand: Tuf Tuf and Pete could be a contender |

The Popcorn Stand: Tuf Tuf and Pete could be a contender

The dog days of summer officially began on Sunday with the first SoCal Corgi Nationals at Santa Anita and yes the event was as adorable as it sounds.

And yes, it was an extremely popular event. The VIP section for $40 sold out.

Santa Anita took this event quite seriously with its outstanding track announcer Michael Wrona calling the championship race which I think lasted all of about 50 yards.

“Prestige, pride and bragging rights are on the line for these corgis,” Wrona announced as the corgis entered the starting gate or the starting kennel, if you will.

And Wrona captured the drama of the finish: “A late move from Iggy, but Roi held him at bay,” Wrona announced as he proclaimed Roi as the winner. And I can tell you Roi’s owner was quite emotional in the winner’s circle.

Now if Carson City ever held a race like this for all dogs, I really do think my two guys Pete the Shih Tzu and Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington or other) the Jack Russell could be a contender, they could be somebody.

Now as those who have seen us at the dog park know if there was ever an event for running all over the park in every direction trying to find his owner after he became separated, Tuf Tuf would definitely be a contender.

And if there was an event in which a dog stubbornly sat waiting for his owner who was walking away from him to come back to him but eventually he gives up and runs to his owner, I think Pete would win that event.

But since the race would only be 50 yards or so, I really think Tuf Tuf and Pete have what it takes.

At least I think they would have more than a dog’s chance.

— Charles Whisnand