The Popcorn Stand: We could all use a Brit of fun |

The Popcorn Stand: We could all use a Brit of fun

With the danger of my patriotism being questioned, I have to say this: Great Britain sure has a lot more fun with their elections than we do.

As I understand it, Great Britain held an election on Thursday that as I’m writing this was on the verge of becoming the most consequential election ever held in Great Britain, Europe, the world and the history of mankind as we know it.

But the British, with the reputation of having a stiff upper lip and all that, sure know how to have fun during an election. I don’t think it was actually a polling station, but there was one portapotty in the country seen with a polling station sign in front of it. And I learned in Great Britain they refer to a portapotty as a portaloo. Actually that might not be a bad idea to allow people to vote and relieve themselves at the same time.

Then there was the person who dressed up as Elmo in support of the Give Me Back Elmo party. There was also a candidate whose name is Mr. Fish Finger. And another candidate actually got married before she voted.

And the places where the British have polling stations I have to say are pretty cool. A train was used as one polling place. A pub with no name was used as another.

And there was a mobile polling station which as I understand actually isn’t mobile, but just not in a building. This mobile polling station looked to be something of an RV/Trailer type vehicle which the British refer to as a caravan.

So it looks to me like the British have been able to take a matter that’s so important such as Thursday’s election seriously without taking themselves so seriously.

We can all learn from the British.

— Charles Whisnand