The Popcorn Stand: What a pickle Sonic has gotten us into |

The Popcorn Stand: What a pickle Sonic has gotten us into

They look awful. They look like split pea soup in a glass. (Disclaimer, I’m not a fan of split pea soup). They’re pickle juice slushies and they’re coming to Sonic this summer.

Yes, that’s right, Sonic, you know that place with the two annoying guys in the commercials that now have two annoying women in commercials, because I guess you’ve got to be equal when it comes to being annoying, is going to be selling these stupid concoctions.

Although Sonic may be onto something. The only thing I know pickle juice is good for is trying to prevent cramps, or supposedly trying to prevent cramps.

I know football coaches who have their players drink pickle juice before games. Then their players throw up because their nervous and can’t stand the stuff.

But maybe Sonic is thinking about the time August rolls around and football players are practicing in the heat and succumbing to cramps, football coaches all over the country will be yelling to their managers: “Get to Sonic for some pickle juice slushies, STAT.”

And then again, an early review is quite favorable. Food & Wine found the pickle juice slushie “surprisingly delicious, sweet and tangy”

Without trying the pickle juice slushie, I quote the sportswriter who came to the game late when another sportswriter tried to tell him what a great play he missed — “I’ll be the judge of that.”

So as for me when it comes to Sonic and its new slushies, this is one pickle I’m going to stay out of.

— Charles Whisnand