The Popcorn Stand: What if a bobblehead took Milk of Magnesia |

The Popcorn Stand: What if a bobblehead took Milk of Magnesia

This gives new meaning to the term bobblehead day.

The ultimate indignity for a Major League Baseball player is to be traded for “a player to be named later.”

I can’t remember the player’s name but he was traded for a “player to be named later” and through a series of transaction he ended up being the “player to be named later,” returned to the team he started with, so he ended up being traded for himself.

I guess the only worse indignity is for an actress to be replaced by a bobblehead doll while the ultimate compliment I guess for an actress is to have her own bobblehead doll like Flo from those annoying Progressive commercials.

But Phoebe Jonas, who was the “Phillips Lady,” was replaced by a bobblehead doll.

Actually being the “Phillips Lady” didn’t seem all that dignified to me as I saw the commercials and Jonas as the “Phillips Lady” always seemed to be in inappropriate places asking people about inappropriate things like constipation.

Phillips, which is owned by Bayer, of course is best known for Milk of Magnesia, which is right up their with products like Geritol and Brylcreem (a little dab with do you) I remember from the 1970s.

Bayer, though, in an effort to cut costs replaced Jonas with a bobblehead, so Jonas sued Bayer for $500,000 saying the bobblehead looks just like her.

While the bobblehead has some resemblance to Jonas, I wouldn’t exactly say they’re separated at birth. But I’m not exactly sure I agree with Bayer’s assessment that Jonas’ suit is “preposterous,” either.

Of course Jonas’ lawyer couldn’t resist the pun when he said, “This lawsuit is going to give Bayer a headache.” No word yet if Allstate plans to replace the “Mayhem Guy” with an indestructable “Mayhem Bobblehead.”

— Charles Whisnand