The Popcorn Stand: When it comes to Vintage, we’re all in this together |

The Popcorn Stand: When it comes to Vintage, we’re all in this together

Maybe there’s no reason to write this follow-up Popcorn Stand since Doreen Mack’s column adjacent to this piece pretty much stated the points I was trying to make in Wednesday’s Popcorn Stand — and did it in a much more appropriate manner.

Maybe allowing my passive-aggressive side take over and using the term “selfish NIMBYs” was uncalled for. But there’s no denying many of the people who are now against the Vintage development were once part of the development near the Andersen Ranch themselves. But maybe I could have made that point without the name calling which Mack managed to do.

As a journalist regardless if I’m writing my opinion or reporting on something, I’ve always tried to be a reporter first and entertaining second. No question, I try to make my writing as entertaining as I can, but reporting always comes first. In other words, clarity over cleverness.

I admit I have a hard time reining myself in at times and I violate this rule by becoming too clever. If people don’t understand the point of something I write, that’s no excuse. That means I wasn’t clear enough.

So putting such an emphasis on “selfish NIMBYs” in the first part of Wednesday’s Popcorn Stand arguably took away the point I really was trying to make in the second part of the piece — that we all need to work together when it comes to the Vintage Project and be concerned about what’s best for Carson City.

I still believe everyone involved — the developers, the family of the Andersen Ranch (which I also still believe have done everything they can to work with everybody involved) and those who are against the so-called Vintage project in some form need to work together. And I still believe nobody, including the developers, the family of the Andersen Ranch and those who aren’t too thrilled with the Vintage project are going to get everything they want.

Hopefully those attending tonight’s meeting at the Carson City Community Center will keep that in mind.

— Charles Whisnand