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Now I know this is the end of civilization. As I’ve said before I’m not much for fashion and I consider it a victory if I leave my house with my hair combed and wearing a shirt or jacket that’s not inside out.

I thought my Member’s Only jacket from the 1980s was bad enough, but now the latest men’s fashion is apparently a one-piece thing known as the RompHim and it’s supposed to revolutionize men’s fashion this summer. I’m already having nightmares in which I see Millennials running all over the place this summer in their man buns and RompHims.

So we have rompers for children. Rompers for women. And now we have rompers for men. We could all get together in the ultimate Romper Room.

So yes men now have a one-piece outfit that’s a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. So I guess I could tape my white T-shirt and brown shorts together and I would have a RompHim.

But, of course, my white T-shirt and brown shorts aren’t good enough. The RompHim comes in four colors, three of which I’ve never heard of: red chambray, blue chambray and splatter print cotton. The fourth color is a special red, white and blue for an Independence Day outfit.

So what’s next, the one-piece suit, complete with clip-on tie you can put on in a matter of seconds? (Hey, that actually might not be that bad of an idea).

But I must be an old fuddy, duddy because the launch of the RompHim raised more than $45,000 within a day on Mother’s Day.

Still, there’s no way you’re going to see me romping around in that outfit.

— Charles Whisnand