The start of a brand new day for Carson City |

The start of a brand new day for Carson City

the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

If the regional branding effort earlier this year made anything clear, it’s that Carson City has a bit of an identity crisis. Lots of people have no idea where we are or what we’re about, which is why the overall regional brand chosen in that effort doesn’t even mention our city.

That’s why we’re supportive of the tourism branding effort underway for Carson City. The city gave the OK to the Redevelopment Authority to spend $32,500 toward that end, with the ultimate goal of attracting more tourists and investment.

What specifically our brand will be is still unknown, but it seems a certainty it will point toward the city’s rich history. Sure, the city has plenty of other things to offer tourists and potential new residents, including a lively arts scene, but none of those things are as unique as the stories and artifacts of our past. And the V&T railroad, if and when it’s completed, will be the crowing jewel.

The thing we like about the branding process underway here is that it has been wide open to the public, and that must continue to be the case. There will never be complete agreement on a brand – those precious few words and images that will describe us for decades, but it’s critical that everyone has the ability to take part in the process so they’ll understand the logic behind the ultimate outcome.

Had that been the case with the regional branding effort that came up with “Greater Reno Tahoe: Welcome to Can Do,” the surprise … shock … may not have been as profound for residents of Carson City and other proud communities who felt snubbed.