Theater really is a great thing for Carson City |

Theater really is a great thing for Carson City

It’s tempting to accuse Supervisor Pete Livermore of hyberbole in saying the new Galaxy Theatre is “the greatest thing to happen to the city in years.”

But when you think about it, he’s not far from the truth.

After all, what does it say about Carson City that many residents have long been ashamed to take visitors to the city’s only movie theater? Or that a night out at the movies with the family meant driving to Reno or to Minden? There aren’t many communities with populations of more than 50,000 people in that situation, and, thanks to Galaxy Theatres, we’re no longer one of them.

The company recognized the need in Carson City and made a multimillion- dollar investment, something we hope will happen many more times in the coming years with other companies. We predict Galaxy’s investment will prove to be a solid bet, and it could send a message that residents of Carson City and surrounding communities are willing to spend their entertainment and shopping dollars right here if only businesses will give us a chance.

The theater also sets a good example of the quality of businesses Carson City should be aspiring to and working to attract, and the standards to which we should hold those that are already here. A community with high standards is a community in which people want to raise their families, and that will be a key to Carson City’s future.

This weekend, have fun at the movies.