There are plenty of reasons to register to vote |

There are plenty of reasons to register to vote

T]here are a lot of big decisions awaiting voters on Nov. 7, but taking part begins now.

The mail registration deadline has passed, but you can still register until Oct. 17 at the Clerk-Recorder Office, inside the Carson City District Courthouse, 885 E. Musser St. Don’t forget to take your proof of identity and residence.

There are a lot of reasons to take part this year.

On the national level, with your vote for Congress and Senate, you can send a message of support or a message that you don’t like how things are going.

And there will be a new face in the Governor’s Mansion down the street. Will it be the state’s first female governor, or a congressman returning home?

Huge ballot questions await voters, including legalizing pot and establishing a property owners’ bill of rights.

But the big stories are happening locally, where there are many hotly contested races. That’s a sure sign that there’s a vibrant political climate in the capital city. But it’s also a sign there are important issues.

The school district is in an ongoing struggle to deal with declining enrollment and the associated loss of revenue, while at the same time trying to upgrade facilities and comply with the No Child Left Behind Act. You can give your grade on their progress by voting in three school board races.

Carson City itself is at a crossroads as its leaders try to figure out how to generate the sales tax that is vital to its operation, ensure there will be affordable housing, and make this a great place to live for years to come. There are two supervisors races on which you can weigh in.

That’s only a sampling of the races that will be decided Nov. 7. The Appeal will do its part by publishing a special section on Tuesday, Oct. 17. We’ll also include lots more information on the candidates at

But don’t forget that your part begins now, by registering to vote