This time, Bush has gone too far |

This time, Bush has gone too far

Vince Coyle

Without a scintilla of evidence that Iraq is of any immediate threat to the United States, the Bush Junta is apparently preparing to make war on Iraq without consulting Congress. It will be to their everlasting shame if they do not stand up and say “no.”

War has never been a solution to the problems of the world except in the guise of defending one’s nation from attack. It has become increasingly clear that the attacks on 9/11 very likely could have been prevented had it not been for the complacency, inaction, and incompetence of the Bush Administration.

In response to those attacks Bush has announced that now the United States will begin acting preemptively by attacking nations that

“might” pose some threat to this country. Isn’t it enough that this unelected gaggle of corporate puppets have eviscerated the Constitutional protections that have been the envy of the world for over 200 years taking this nation down the road to a fascist theocracy? The USA Patriot Act is a blueprint for the imposition of just such a state. Isn’t it enough that this administration has gang-raped environmental protections bowing to the wishes of polluters? Isn’t it enough that this administration is stuffed full of

the very people who have advocated the very policies that led to the current economic meltdown in the markets?

Isn’t it enough that they have evaporated the surplus so painstakingly built by the last administration over the opposition of every Republican? Isn’t it enough that the shrub’s vaunted crusade hasn’t captured one significant leader of the terrorist organization

we claim is responsible for the attacks in spite of killing upwards of 5,000 innocent people, including Canadians and wedding guests?

Isn’t it enough that the Bush Administration has reneged on a variety of international agreements including the International Criminal Court, the Kyoto Accords on global warming, and the ABM treaty, effectively giving the rest of the world the finger?

Isn’t enough that the first two years of this incompetent nincompoop’s tenure have been the worst since at least 1941 and maybe even

1929? Isn’t enough that he claims to be the sole arbiter of who and who is not an “enemy of the state?”

It seems Bush is intent upon turning the United States into the greatest rogue state on the planet.

Now he claims the right of this country to unilaterally launch military attacks against any country he says poses a potential threat to

United States interests. The last nations to act in this way were Iraq in 1990, Germany in 1938, and Japan in 1931. Consider the consequences of those arrogant and aggressive idiocies. The Bush Doctrine is at least as foolish

and stupid, if not more so.

The shrub is advocating that we act just like the Nazis or the Japanese fascists in the 1930s. Aggressive militarism abroad and repressive of liberties at home. Is anyone else concerned about this? Is imperial overreach a stretch at this point? I’m not so sure.

George Bush has a history of running every company he ever controlled into the ground, being bailed out by rich friends of his daddy, and moving on to the next. Everything he has ever touched has turned to dirt. Now he is doing the same to the nation.

To follow this man to war in the Mideast is not the grandest of notions. W, the man — like King Midas, but with a different touch.