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Thoughts on liberals

Tom Riggins

Before I get to today’s topic, just a couple of reminders. Saturday the Churchill County Republicans are holding precinct meetings at 9 a.m. at the Convention Center. This is your opportunity to propose planks for a platform to be approved at the County Convention and forwarded to the state and federal levels.

Also, Saturday evening is the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. There are several federal, state, and local candidates confirmed to attend. This is a chance to talk with them as well.

Now on to today’s topic. As you may know, I have great fun poking at liberals and their beliefs and philosophies. That is mainly because I have decided most don’t understand irony and have no sense of humor when it comes to philosophical discussions. Here are some of my observations:

Liberals make themselves out to be the ones promoting peace and tranquility but are the first to issue death threats to those who do or say something they don’t agree with. Witness how Donald Trump and any of his staff are talked about. Or how about NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch? She is attacked mercilessly for her views, both verbally and with constant death threats.

Here are some tactics I have noticed when liberals are confronted with facts that don’t support the premise du jour. When facts belie a general premise, start picking at minutia to try to undermine the larger premise. Alternatively, a heartstrings-tugging anecdote of the one exception to the rule is always useful.

If questioned, ramp up the lies, tell them often and loudly. As per the teachings of Alinksi, eventually they might be believed. Especially if you have the mainstream media behind you. Always connect unrelated facts, no matter how tenuous. As an example, A plus L must equal X. Then repeat it as needed as per the preceding sentence. A good example of this is blaming the NRA for mass shootings, despite the fact that no NRA member has ever been in a mass shooting. Oh, unless it was to prevent one.

Here are some more variations. It’s their fault, not ours. Case in point, it is Donald Trump’s fault Hillary didn’t win so he must have cheated somehow. Add to that denial of everything liberals do that doesn’t work and you have a ready-made lie to tell repeatedly. See previous paragraph.

Gun control has been in the forefront lately due to yet another mass shooting, this one in Florida. The immediate liberal reaction is for more gun laws. This despite the facts. First, far more people use firearms annually to protect themselves from attacks or harm than any other use. Second, the most recent shooting was a result of a complete failure of existing laws to be implemented and enforced.

I also think any attempt at gun control is sexist. I have said this before, but in general women are smaller in stature and less muscular than men. Taking away a woman’s right to protect herself is, in my view, a sexist premise.

Of course, this sets liberals on edge. After all, racism and sexism are their fallback position when losing an argument. You might say that this statement undermines my opinion as weak, in the same manner as a typical liberal defense. Sadly for them, I actually have facts to support my premise.

Liberals promote the fact that they welcome diversity. Just a warning, don’t dare disagree with them. As long as you are like them, they are tolerant. Otherwise, you will be derided, denigrated, and relegated to a campus free speech zone somewhere behind the maintenance facility. Ever notice that the most tolerant people are the ones who don’t have to proclaim their tolerance?

Liberals also ignore their own hypocrisy. They typically oppose the death penalty for those who commit heinous crimes. They in the next breath will avidly support the Pro-Life movement. In that vein, why is second-hand tobacco smoke bad but there is not a peep about second-hand marijuana smoke?

In many states, now including California, you must have paperwork approved in order to possess a firearm. Where is the paperwork requirement for illegal aliens in California? Also, California Democrat State Senator Yee wrote their new extremely restrictive gun law. She was recently indicted for selling illegal weapons.

Well, this has been fun, but I am nearing my word count. I have no hope of changing a liberal’s mind. My only hope is to influence those still capable of cognizant thought and hope to influence them.

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