To find beauty, step inside Bellissimo Boutique |

To find beauty, step inside Bellissimo Boutique

Jenny Schnabel

“Bellissimo, Bellissimo”

That’s what Italians say.

It means “most beautiful”

In a lovely way.

Bellissimo Boutique

Is on the inside of “Carson Cove”

It’s a lovely little shop

With great gifts,

Really a treasure trove.

Sarah is the owner

Numero uno, number one

Always bubbly and enthusiastic

Really just plain fun.

She would describe herself

As me, myself and I

With her sparkly baubles

She wants you to beautify.

She has Brighton Jewelry

But she has much more

Purses, key chains, wallets, charms

Dishes and home décor.

I love Brighton

It is true

And whatever sparkles

It surely rules.

Just come inside the “Carson Mall”

Check the “Boutique” out.

You will feel “Bellissimo”

For which I have no doubt.

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Bellissimo Boutique is inside the Carson Mall at 1313 S. Carson St. Call it at 775-883-7209.