Tom Riggins column: Observations |

Tom Riggins column: Observations

Tom Riggins

Today is a collection of observations that merit mention but are too brief for a full column. I find that necessary occasionally. With all the issues to write about, sometimes I end up with a collection of thoughts instead.

I attended the candidates night sponsored by CEDA and the Lahontan Valley News. It was well worth the time for the full crowd attending. I found it helpful and changed my mind about some of the candidates. This is confirmation that you need to be informed about the candidates or you might overlook a good one. I can say that the full slate of candidates for the three offices that were featured are all good. Kudos to all the candidates, win or lose in the primary, for stepping up and running. And for all those who desired to be informed.

As a side note, I am making no public endorsements on anyone in the primary races. I never endorse anyone in a primary. If you want my opinion on a race, ask me individually.

Speaking of primary races, I see from constant TV ads that the two Democrat frontrunners for governor in Nevada are trying to outdo each other to convince voters that they are the most progressive (aka liberal) candidate. I have to wonder if, or how, the winner will walk their position back in the general election. After all, there are a huge number of nonpartisan voters whose views are pretty much unknown but tend toward the middle.

Oh, by the way, attacking the NRA is counterproductive. Every new attack results in increased NRA membership. From my view, keep it up. You are helping your enemy. This is like Obama, who unwittingly became the best salesman ever for firearms sales.

If you trust polls, here is one that Democrats won’t like. According to a new Reuters poll, Republicans are ahead in a generic ballot poll nationwide. This throws some cold water on the much-touted blue wave that Democrats are counting on to get rid of President Trump. After all, he is making way too much progress to suit Democrat and many Republican politicians.

On that note, I heard a theory about why so many politicians hate Trump. There has been so much corruption and fraud occurring in Washington, D.C., that many of the so-called deep state incumbents fear jail time if Trump stays in office and their past actions come to light. While only a theory, it makes more sense than most I have heard.

This next topic strays from the idea of too short for a full column. Rather, it could be a dozen or more to fully explain and try to analyze. So I will try to hit the main points. This is regarding the Mueller investigation and its repercussions. As this investigation continues, Mueller apparently has found nothing to point to Russian collusion involving Trump. If he had, it would have been gleefully leaked. All the collusion has pointed to the Democrat candidate, which appears to be dutifully ignored.

More troubling is the extent and depth of corruption in the Department of Justice and FBI. More information comes out daily. There appears to have been a concerted effort to undermine the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration originating from these agencies. The FBI reportedly even planted a spy in the Trump administration.

This does not even consider the questionable surveillance of Trump administration members under thinly veiled guises. It also doesn’t consider Mueller’s tactics of finding process crimes against people in the Trump campaign in an effort to turn them. Some of these crimes being charged are past the statute of limitations.

Some judges are not buying Mueller’s tactics. He has had two of three courts require him to provide proof that the charges brought are within the scope of his authority. That may not happen, since neither he nor the DOJ will provide the House Oversight Committee with the letter that outlines his scope of authority. I mentioned earlier that a lot of people are fearing prison time. It may well be that the Obama’s legacy will turn out to be the most corrupt in history.

Did you hear about the man who tried to take a selfie with a bear? The outcome was predictable. Have we lost all common sense, or is this proof that Darwinism exists?

Finally, Memorial Day is upon us. While enjoying your leisure, take some time to remember those who died defending your rights and your country. They deserve our respect.

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