Tom Riggins: What happens now? |

Tom Riggins: What happens now?

By Tom Riggins

As I said in my last column, we will now have the finest President foreign money can buy. I predict the results of the 2020 election to be far-reaching and only harmful to our liberty. What I don’t think the left understands is that it is not Trump that his supporters get behind. It is the concepts of personal freedom and liberties that he personifies.

Protesters stormed the Capitol building last week. There is still some question of whether those actually initiated storming the building were part of the
Trump supporters or not. There is mounting evidence that Democrat operatives sabotaged the protest. Regardless, the media is fully on board with the “Trump supporting” protesters being labeled terrorists. Oddly, they seemed to forget the “peaceful” protests of earlier this year where burning and looting occurred.

Feelings are running hot and Trump supporters are angry and frustrated. Can you blame them? I believe this goes beyond supporting Trump. We are now in a position of having to protect the civil liberties we have held dear for centuries. With this election, the Executive branch is firmly in the hands of the leftist socialists. The House and Senate are under Democrat control. Sure, we have had that situation before and got through it. But there some things different this time.

First, the Democrat party has never been so far left, to the point of openly owning their socialist tenets. Second, the Judicial Branch has been so corrupted that it is no longer the fallback protection we have had. This is evidenced by the numerous courts blatantly ignoring evidence of election fraud. It includes corrupt judges who make law rather than interpret it, federal prosecutors who defy the rule of law to further their careers, and the FBI who sees fit to lie to courts and use their law enforcement powers to further their own agendas. This appears to run through and up to the Supreme Court, who has made plain they are now political. Remember, Supreme Court, taking no action is actually action. You have now publicly shown that you will condone election fraud. To what level remains to be seen.

There is no doubt Washington elites are bent on ruining Trump. As Rush Limbaugh opines, by impeaching Trump they will assure that he can’t run again in 2024. Further, they are sending a message to any outsider who wants to try what Trump did that his or her reputation will be ruined as well. Don’t worry about Trump’s staffers leaving. The real reason is that they must now distance themselves from Trump in order to try to save their own careers. Of larger concern is that there are plans to actively pursue and disenfranchise his supporters.

Trump, however, is not going down quietly. Since Twitter and Facebook have banned him, he is talking about starting his own social media platform. With the power of 74 million disenfranchised voters behind him, he might make it happen. To take a page from the left’s playbook, boycotts by 30 million or so disenfranchised middle and upper middle class consumers can have a huge impact on a business’s bottom line.

One part of me feels that the left’s takeover may be a blessing in disguise. First, when they start to implement their agendas, a lot of complacent Americans may be jarred out of their contentedness. Second, the U.S. and the world is facing an unprecedented debt crisis. The Democrat agenda will require much more spending which will result in both higher taxes crippling economic growth and exploding federal deficits. I don’t know what the trigger point might be for a debt collapse but it is a very real possibility moving to a probability. It would be better for that to happen on the Democrats’ watch. With control of every facet of government, it will be rally difficult to blame Republicans.

That aside, I fear increased encroachment on our liberties. Attacks on the Second Amendment will increase despite record low appetite for increased controls. The First Amendment is also under attack with news media and social platforms now voluntarily censoring the news. I expect that to gradually shift to involuntary censorship. The left has figured out that by declaring an “emergency” they can basically throw out the Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments as well. Expect new “emergencies” to emerge.

We are at a critical time not seen since the 19th Century. Our future is up to us. We will find it necessary to act. Will we?