Tough times are when heroes emerge |

Tough times are when heroes emerge

It’s hard not to notice the list of organizations and people in need this holiday season. No matter where you turn, charitable drives are reporting that giving is down this year and they may not have enough toys or money to help all of those on their lists.

The reason why is equally clear – the state’s economy is in the doldrums, and families are struggling to pay rents, mortgage payments and grocery bills.

It’s fortunate that the list of heroes is growing daily.

People like Dagen Kipling. He’s only 9 years old, but decided that rather that receiving Hanukkah gifts he would give back. “I just think there’s a lot of kids out there – well, kids and adults – who don’t have a lot to celebrate this time of year,” he said in an Appeal article. “I thought ‘yeah, it’s my turn to do something.'”

He gave back in many ways, from staffing a Salvation Army kettle to collecting coats to deliver to FISH, which distributes them to people in need.

And the staff at the Department of Health and Human Services in Carson City, along with the CHS Honor Society, Carson City Soroptomist International and Carson City Toyota, all chipped in to fill the wish lists of 45 foster children.

Then there are the children and staff at Dayton Intermediate School, who rallied at the last moment to donate $200 to a drive that had fallen far short of its goal.

Thankfully, these efforts are happening all over the region. As far as Christmas goes, this is the last minute, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to join in and help others … after all, heroes usually emerge just in the nick of time.

• This editorial represents the views of the Nevada Appeal editorial board.