Trina Machacek: Sit for a spell |

Trina Machacek: Sit for a spell

By Trina Machacek

Noticeably my sit down and relax gene has not been used much of late. For a while I blamed it on summer. No it can’t be because of summer that I haven’t sat and enjoyed the world going by. I know this because in winter, spring and fall I am also going to beat the band.

You know winter with the cold and ice, shoveling, bringing in wood, keeping the home fires burning and all. In spring you are buzzing like a mad hornet getting ready for all things summery. Oh fall? Buzz, buzz with putting the yard in order to meet winter head on. Raking and insulating and buying new school clothes. And just think of what a farmer needs to do in each of those seasons! I’m tired just thinking about it. Perhaps I should just sit for a spell.

You, OK me. Yes, again it is all about me. I might forget just how busy life can get because I’m not in the mainstream work force anymore. I keep telling myself that now my time is my own. Is it really? Yes, I am retired. No, I have not quit working. I am just doing a different kind of work.

I see cars and trucks and tractors zooming by my home all hours of the day and night. Well tractors don’t really zoom they kinda chug. But! Yes, a chugging “but.” But there are people in all those vehicles zooming to and from one work or another work. While they see me “doing nothing.” HAHA I wish. Maybe they should just sit for a spell.

It seems that even play can become work in some form. I know people who play antique cars and trucks. Summer is car show season and these men, yes women too, work all hours of the day and night fiddling with carbs and brakes and shining up smooth cool chrome from roof racks to rims. Getting their baby in tip top condition for the shows. Maybe they should just sit for a spell.

Cowboys and cowgirls are busy moving herds and branding and then practicing roping, bull doggin’ and barrel racing. Getting their pony’s and gear in tip top shape for the upcoming rodeo season. From mane to tail, hoofs to withers the horse is the main attraction to a cowboy. Oh and their very cool hats! It’s work for this wonderful section of horsemen and women. But then they get to sit for a spell, on their wonderful horses.

Whether you are an 8 to 5 worker, a shift worker, an on call worker, a business owner or farmer who is NEVER off work. Maybe you should take a few minutes and just sit. Why? Well here are a few things that just might happen if you sit for a spell.

It might rain on you as you sit. Don’t run for cover. Sit in the storm and you will find that you will not melt in the rain. You might enjoy the aroma of ozone and sagebrush on the heels of an afternoon shower. If you sat for a spell on a chair in your yard would you see that the grass is greener on your side of the fence because of you? If you sat for a spell might you hear one of your kids laugh out loud like they have not a care in the world because of what you have done to make them feel that way? 

Grab just a few precious moments to sit for a spell and watch the sun rise or set. This happens every single day so if not today, tomorrow. Oh, and I have heard this revelation from more than one farmer in my life; when it’s mid summer and it is really, really hot if you can find one, go stand quietly alone in a corn field and just listen for a spell.

Apparently you can actually hear corn grow. I asked what it sounds like and I was told it squeaks. How cool is that? I have not had the opportunity to hear corn grow but I will keep trying to make that happen. I have however taken a few minutes to listen in my back yard. I have trees that birds nest in and the baby birds are hatching. I listened to the mom and dad birds fly to the nests and the babies chatter to be first to be fed. It is really quite amusing. I can’t see it but I can hear it. Because I sat for a spell. 

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