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Tune changes with color of gored ox

DANNY N. COYLE, Carson City

I can understand my good friend (and he is) Bob Thomas’s anxiety over campaign finance reform inasmuch as the Republicans have been buying elections since the end of the Reconstruction when their motto was (and still may be) “He who serves his party best, serves his country best.”

What I can’t understand is why he chose to bring updated and stale issues of the liberal media and labor unions’ association with the Democrats as justification for “soft” money contributions. It wasn’t too long ago that the Republicans and conservatives were circulating initiative and referendum petitions in the several states to set term limits for both state and national elective offices.

Now that the Republicans have a majority in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, one hardly hears a peep out of them on the issue. In fact, many former proponents have recanted and said that term limits weren’t such a good idea after all. What it all ultimately boils down to, Bob, is whose ox is being gored. Coffee and doughnuts are on me the next time we meet.