Two arrested in public sex |

Two arrested in public sex

Staff reports

Two people were arrested Monday for allegedly having sex within view of swimmers at the Carson City Aquatic Center.

Juan Lopez Camacho, 55, and Mathilda Barney, 54, were arrested at 7:24 p.m. on the south side of the aquatic center on a charge of felony sexual acts in public.

According to a police report, the responding officer saw Camacho and Barney engaged in a sexual act on the grass. After asking the two to get dressed, he arrested them.

About five witnesses also stated they’d seen the couple in various compromising positions, the report states.

“I saw there were approximately 40 people at the swimming pool, 20 of them being under 14 years old,” the officer wrote.

Both Camacho and Barney are being held on $7,500 bail.