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Voice of the Community

Science, math classes hurt by EDUCATION SAVINGS ACCOUNTS


Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) could doom advanced science and math classes in all rural public schools.

Two of the three AP science classes offered at Churchill County High School were recently dropped from the curriculum. Why? When enrollment drops below 15 students, courses are cancelled. In past years 18 to 22 students have typically participated in each AP science class.

The WNC (Western Nevada College) Jump Start program, combined with the recently opened charter school, now takes three to seven students from each of these classes, resulting in their cancellation. I feel these developments are a harbinger of thins to come for all rural public schools should the ESA program come to fruition.

The $60 million that is budgeted to fund ESA accounts in the next biennium could be used to keep advanced science and math programs available for all of Nevada’s students at a time when STEM classes are critical to Nevada’s changing economy.

Steve D. Johnson


Repeal Obamacare; restore Medicare funds to hospitals


As a member of the healthcare industry and a proud representative in our local legislature, I have witnessed the negative effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on our local hospitals and clinics. The act is anything but affordable for Nevada’s healthcare facilities.

Before the ACA, hospitals would receive adequate reimbursements for the services that they provided through Medicare. Unfortunately, to fund all aspects of the ACA, the government cut hospital reimbursements significantly.

These cuts have left hospitals in Nevada and across the country struggling to stay afloat. Some facilities have been forced to close, and many families and healthcare professionals have relocated.

As a practicing doctor, I am fully aware of the severe implications ACA has had on our healthcare system. The system has now resulted in rural, low-income patients and senior citizens struggling to find adequate care because hospitals have closed and services have been cut. I believe that this harmful legislation needs to be repealed, but it must include the restoration of Medicare funding to hospitals to ensure that necessary fixes are made.

As our representation moves to create a better healthcare system for all, I ask that they restore Medicare reimbursements for hospitals so that they can continue to serve their communities. Our healthcare system over the past eight years has been a failure, but we can’t start off this new year on the wrong foot by repealing without fixing the issues that the ACA created.

Dr. Robin Titus

Assemblywoman, District 38

Trump’s fledgling presidency is already worrisome


America, you have the president you wished for … or do you?

So far he has shown nothing positive after a week in office. All I have seen is extreme insecurity and his executive actions (where’s Congress?) is showing signs of dictatorship. He backpedals and changes his mind so often one cannot keep up with him.

The wish for “change” is here, good or bad. It doesn’t look good from my point of view. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I am deeply concerned for what he might do to the benefits we worked for all our lives.

The wall? Is this country getting a wall like the one in Germany during World War II? Makes one wonder what is happening to our free country. I’m on a Trump watch. Should be interesting if not laughable.

Phyllis Skamel

Carson City