Voters brought change to Carson City, too |

Voters brought change to Carson City, too

Change came to the country like a thunderclap on Election Day, with the difference in electoral votes between President-elect Obama and Sen. McCain qualifying as a landslide victory.

But change came to Carson City as well, albeit more quietly, in the form of two new faces on the Board of Supervisors. Sure, that’s only two out of five, but the significance is not lost on those who’ve paid attention to the voting patterns of the board.

On some controversial issues, ranging from city personnel matters to redevelopment issues, those votes have featured supervisors Shelly Aldean and Robin Williamson voting opposite Mayor Marv Teixeira and supervisors Pete Livermore and Richard Staub. Now that Bob Crowell has been elected mayor and Staub has lost his seat to Molly Walt, that dynamic could change. It’s possible motions that previously may have gone down to defeat with only two votes could now prevail.

That type of change, at this point, is neither good nor bad; this new Board of Supervisors deserves a clean slate. It deserves the latitude to make the changes they heard voters requesting of them. We trust they will wield this responsibility wisely.

Then, as is the case with all public officials, voters can adequately judge them on the decisions they make in office and adjust accordingly, if necessary, during the next election.

We congratulate all of the candidates from Tuesday’s election, even those who did not win. All offered their service toward solving the significant problems we face, and for that they deserve our gratitude.