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Walker River issue is taking of property

CLIFF THOMPSON - Chairman, PLPC, Lyon County

Paper water, half truths or lies, Jan. 17. I am a property rights owner. I own water rights in the Walker River Basin, and ever since this Save Walker Lake kick got started, I have been accused of both stealing and wasting water that rightfully belongs to Walker Lake.

I have been accused of stealing and wasting public property that belongs to everyone, according to the disciples of Karl Marx, and used that water growing food just to make money, which is probably the most dastardly crime of them all.

In the Jan. 15 issue of the Appeal, I am also accused of polluting the fishes’ water. Run-off from farmers’ fields is loaded with dissolved salts and farmers divert water from the river when the lake needs it the most, during droughts. How thoughtless of me, diverting water that only exists on paper.

Another half truth or lie is that growing crops removes a certain amount of salt from the soil, some more than others. When sugar beets are grown, after a a time, salt has to be added to the soil to enable it to produce a crop.

A few years ago, W.R.I.D. said water samples showed the water leaving the irrigation district was cleaner than that entering, and there are at least two reasons for this; the use of the salts by the growing plants and the settling out of millions of tons of solids in the reservoirs, irrigation ditches and fields that would have reached Walker Lake for the last 100-plus years and turned it into a big mud flat.

The Environmental Protection Act protects man’s environment, (not fish) which is defined by Blacks Law Dictionary as the culmination of all things including economic, but since Marxism doesn’t recognize private property rights (the resources belong to everyone and must be managed by the state), it isn’t hard to figure out their next move.

By their own admission, NDEP doesn’t have any authority over water (private property) rights, but they don’t seem to be above violating our constitutional guaranteed property rights by legislating water quality. In a blatant attempt to take private property, again without any constitutionally delegated legislative authority because a legislative body cannot give its legislative authority to the executive department and the executive department cannot legislate so many so-called laws or regulations invented by NDEP is null and void from the day of inception and a violation of their constitutional oath of office. And when two or more persons plan an act that will cause damage to a person or property, that is called a civil conspiracy even if the conspirators do not violate any law, a chain conspiracy and a 14th amendment civil property rights violation may also be appropriate in this particular situation.