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Wanted: The kind of visionaries who can build a city

During this sesquicentennial year in Carson City, the Appeal has been running a page each Sunday dedicated to the city’s history. One thing the stories illustrate is that even though the people who conceived and built this city are long gone, there are many similarities between then and now.

On today’s history page (C3), for example, Sue Ballew’s column reprints a letter from one of the city’s founders, Abraham Curry, in which he addresses Carson City residents in 1863 and references those who were sure the city would fail. In fact, they called it Mugginsville (Muggins was a term for people who lacked good judgment).

Curry pressed on, and those naysayers got to watch the city become a capital and grow steadily over the following years, largely because of the vision and determination of its founders and early residents.

Today, Carson City (like most other communities) is facing an assortment of problems, including financial. And it certainly has its share of vocal naysayers, a mix of longtime residents and newcomers.

But its chief asset remains the same – its people. For every problem, there are groups working to find solutions. Gang violence, for example, has been the focus of months of study and, as a result, the city will be unveiling new programs in April to address it.

Abraham Curry would be a good person to keep in mind as Election Day nears this year. Prior to that day, the Appeal will be reporting on all the major issues facing the city – the downtown, the V&T, economic development and more – so that voters will be fully informed.

But it will be up to voters to figure out who will have the vision and determination to lead. It won’t be an easy choice – unfortunately, there won’t be anyone on the ballot named Abraham Curry.

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