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We all owe it to each other to be safe drivers

The snow that blanketed Northern Nevada this week brought postcard-quality scenery no matter where you looked, but it also brought an ugly reminder of the dangers on our roads.

That includes slippery roadways, of course, but also of the need for each of us to drive as safely as we can. On Monday night and Tuesday morning, it was easy to spot cars covered in snow, including most of their windshields, on local roads. It’s not an easy task to drive safely when conditions are optimal, but when you cut your visibility by half or more, it’s a recipe for disaster.

We owe it to each other and our families to drive as safely as we can.

In poor weather, that includes allowing extra time to get to our destinations on time, as well as the time it takes to clear the snow away from our windows and mirrors.

But it’s also important even when weather isn’t a factor. Cell phones, for example, have been the cause of thousands of tragic accidents that occurred when drivers took their attention off of the road.

This week may also have brought a tragic reminder of one of our greatest responsibilities as drivers when a 22-year-old mother was killed after her car was struck by a truck traveling in the wrong direction. Investigators say the driver of the truck may have been drinking. And, because of that, there are many victims beyond the deceased whose lives have been changed, including her young son.

It would have been easy to prevent. The difference between safe driving and tragedy can be as simple as calling a taxi, putting your cell phone away until you get to your destination, or clearing the snow off your windshields.