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We remember those who gave their all for us

This year, it will be difficult to ignore the meaning of Memorial Day while we are off on our long weekends. This year, the toll from this Iraq war has hit close to our home and close to our hearts.

Most recently, we have lost Sgt. Anthony Schober, who attended Douglas High School; and Army Pfc. Alejandro Varela, of Fernley. Their families and their communities are still in mourning.

It is encouraging to see that even as heated debate continues over the course of this war, no one is confusing politics with the deep and genuine sacrifice these men made to their countries. Their lives were no more wasted than were those of the men who fought Hitler’s army. There is no purer act than to offer your greatest possession, life itself, for something in which you believe.

We stand in awe of their sacrifice, and for the sacrifices of the men and women before them who gave their lives for this country. Even if you are unable to attend Memorial Day services this weekend (listed on page A5 of this paper), we ask that you take a few moments to remember them on your own this holiday weekend.

A memorial service for Sgt. Schober will be 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Mills Park. A service for Alejandro Varela will be at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery in Fernley.