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Welcome, legislators, to the rest of the state

Nevada Appeal editorial board

Apparently it’s just too darn inconvenient for some Nevada legislators to come to Carson City — the state capital — to conduct the state’s business.

So Sen. Bob Coffin, D-Las Vegas, has again offered a proposal to allow the Legislature to meet and vote somewhere other than “the seat of government of the state,” as mandated by the state constitution.

Coffin says money and time could be saved by allowing meetings in other parts of the state (by which he means Las Vegas), and that’s probably true.

He even raises the specter of terrorism, as if Winnemucca or Tonopah is somehow safer than Carson City.

We admit to being a little bit biased, because it sure is handier for us to have the Legislature and Capitol just down the street. We like to keep an eye on ’em.

However, in case Las Vegas legislators have forgotten, the legislative session lasts just four months every other year. Counting on both our fingers and toes, we came up with 20 months that our elected representatives can be anywhere they please.

(We realize special sessions might add some to the stint lawmakers must endure the northern part of the state. Of course, if they took care of business during their 120 days instead of drawing up bills designed primarily to make life easier for themselves, they might not need special sessions.)

We do agree it would be good for more Las Vegas legislators to see other parts of the state. They might catch a faint whiff of the conservatism that still permeates the boondocks.

In fact, we’ve heard of legislators who have strayed as far east as Fallon during the current session.

Coffin notes that his previous attempts have been blocked by Northern Nevada lawmakers who thought it was a “blatant attempt by Las Vegas to steal the capital away from Carson City.”

He got that right.

But we’re open-minded. We might be persuaded to believe differently if someone will notify us the next time a bunch of Las Vegas legislators shows up for a meeting in, say, Ely.