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Welcome to Greater, Nevada where we ‘can do’

Is “can do” really just a bunch of canned poo, as some of the Appeal’s online commenters have suggested?

Well, it’s hard to argue with $400,000 worth of research, but we’re just not sure how “can do” sets us apart from any other region in the country. It was part of the brand unveiled Tuesday at the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.

Of course, the other part of the brand means that we’re no longer living in Northern Nevada, but Greater Reno-Tahoe. In case it was not immediately apparent to you, we’re living in the “greater” part of that name and, as residents of “greater,” we’re apparently going to ride the star power and name recognition of Reno and Tahoe to a prosperous future.

But how can it be that we don’t even warrant a mention in the description of the region in which we live? It doesn’t exactly send a message of cooperation, and, for the rural counties of Northern Nevada filled with proud residents, it’s a non-starter. So now we’ve got an expensive new brand that instantly creates divisions in the region it was intended to unify.

What everyone can agree on is that the region needs more skilled professionals. It’s a big reason we’re not seeing more manufacturing and business development. The lack of those skilled workers is a constant burden for businesses here and for economic development professionals.

But “can do”? We’re not sure we understand. Is it supposed to make us stand out from all those places that can’t do? Any slogan that requires that much thought probably shouldn’t have been taken off the drawing board.