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What to expect in the upcoming editions of the Nevada Appeal

Today is the last Sunday edition of the Nevada Appeal.

Now that I typed those words and ran the gamut of emotions of 10 years of dedication run its course, it is time to move on.

The old cliche “when life gives you lemons…” comes to mind. Now, there’s a variety of endings to that phrase, but today I will say it is time for the Nevada Appeal to make lemonade.

As we prep our workstation to start producing lemonade, today’s edition is discombobulated (more on that later).

So let me share with you what to expect in your “mid-week pitcher of lemonade” and “your weekend pitcher of lemonade.”

The editorial content in the publications will include weather (expanded), stocks (expanded), news (of course), sports (of course), community events, obituaries and opinions.

Our Wednesday print publication (the mid-week edition) will include the following content:

Healthy Tuesday is moving back to Wednesday.

JoAnne Skelly’s weekly gardening column.

A history page featuring Past Pages for multiple days and Dennis Cassinelli’s column

Food columns from local chefs

Fresh Ideas columnists will continue.

Entertainment, music listings and weekend planning events

And more

Our weekend edition of the Nevada Appeal is going to become a joint edition with The Record-Courier. Many of you already receive both the Nevada Appeal and The Record-Courier on Sundays, starting next Saturday everyone will receive the combination paper. The addition of The R-C provides more regional content for both communities — who work closely together; while saving multiple press runs and saving thousands of dollars to allow both communities to receive two publications a week.

The weekend edition will include the following Appeal content:

Education coverage

People items: Achievements, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Senior lunch menus

The Nevada Appeal section of the publication will include the following columnists:

Faith & Insight

Guy W. Farmer

Teri Vance

Roger Diez

Joe Santoro and more

We also will include the normal business content as we do now. We will move John Bullis’ financial column from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Jenny Schnabel’s Talk of the Town will remain.

The Real Estate guide also will move to Saturday.

The TV book, Sunday comics and inserts will all be included in the weekend edition. I repeat — the TV book, Sunday comics and inserts WILL all be included in the weekend edition.

The biggest change (and, yes, I saved the best for last) is in the weekend edition starting on Saturday will be the addition of a comic and puzzle book. You will receive your week’s worth of comics and puzzles.

The one change will be the elimination of daily horoscopes. We will move to a weekly horoscope starting Saturday.

We thank those who are sticking with us for their support as we are forced to change with the times, it wasn’t an easy decision to drink in and it definitely wasn’t a fun one. The Nevada Appeal, in one shape or form, has been publishing for 153 years, if changes weren’t made we likely wouldn’t celebrate 155 or 154. I want the Nevada Appeal to celebrate 155, 200 and many more.

The changes in publication days allowed us to look at our content and allow us to take feedback from readers. We have received a lot of feedback, and we thank you, as we make the correct recipe.

Now, as in any recipe that you try for the first time, it sometimes takes a few tries to get it just right. We may need to add more ice, we may need to add more sugar. And, as always, everyone has different tastes; but, if all else fails, we can get some limes and make margaritas.

Nevada Appeal Editor Adam Trumble also serves as editorial production director for the Sierra Nevada Media Group. He has been with the Appeal since 2007 and has been editor of the Appeal since 2014. He can be reached at atrumble@nevadaappeal.com.