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Whatever happened to Whistle-Off?

by Carolyn DeMar and Maizie Harris Jesse

As we were happily stuffing our faces at Devincenzi’s the other day with garlic burgers and asparagus pasta, we were tripping down memory lane wondering where the Whistle-Off went and wishing we still had Carson Capers …

Well, with a little perspicacity (we put this word in especially for Dan Tecca), we found that the Whistle-Off was taking place that very day in Louisburg, N.C. It’s in it’s 31st year and still going strong … but, we wish it was still in Carson City … it was such fun.

And we also bemoaned the loss of Carson Capers and the “mop ladies”… and the water fights of Warren Engine Company on Nevada Day … shucks, I guess we’re just getting old and remembering the “good old days” … when men were men and we were looking … (it’s a “girl” thing.)

n n n

Speaking of girls (how weak is that?), Carolyn found out when she takes food once in awhile to the Carson-Tahoe Hospital labor and delivery nurses (her daughter, Suzie, who will probably now disown her, is one of them), they scarf down everything in sight like a herd of vacuum cleaners … so our thought is: if you have extra cookies or fudge or brownies or Bananas Foster or cherries jubilee, take those extras and drop them off at the hospital for those poor starving girls … (no need to thank us, ladies).

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Father Jerry Hanley and Father Ed (we know he has a last name, but we can’t remember it … at this rate, we’ll be in the “home” soon) were being given a tour of Western Nevada Community College’s observatory by Helaine Jesse (some sort of relative, we think), when they came upon Maizie’s dedication on her “Uranus” rock … As Father Ed went back down the trail to take a picture of it, Father Jerry was still snickering and wondering what the history of it was … so Carolyn later told him ….

It just so happens that many years ago, M had the great opportunity to be at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz., and was given three hours on the “big” telescope at nearby Lake Mary to see a globular cluster, several double stars and Uranus and four of its moons … so when the chance came to “buy” a planet, she picked the big “U,” and dedicated it to “all her relatives and friends who were pains in the butt” … consider yourselves included, Father J and Father E … (and draw evil grins in here________) … so there ….

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By the way, you can catch a great view of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus now at the observatory. It’s open every Saturday night courtesy of Dr. Robert Collier and the observatory volunteers, and is free to the public. They are offering spectacular views of Saturn’s rings, and a myriad of other wonders … simply “heavenly” …

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Many good things will be said of Sgt. Pat Tillman, and rightly so, for renouncing a huge contract with the Arizona Cardinals and becoming an Army Ranger, only to lose his life tragically in Afghanistan … but, please don’t forget another life lost the same week in Iraq … Sgt. Raymond Edison Jones Jr. died on April 9 and was buried yesterday in Arlington Cemetery.

Why should we remember him? He was one of our own, having been born in Carson City 31 years ago … he leaves behind his father, mother, three brothers and his wife and daughter … remember, you don’t have to be famous to be heroic … may they both rest in peace ….

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Hallelujah … it’s the Senior Prom on Saturday … and that means it’s also the “Senior” Senior Prom on Friday, when the students hold a prom for the “older” folks (anyone who graduated a “few” years earlier) the night before the “regular” prom.

For all those “seniors” who haven’t attended before, it’s a blast … so put on your party clothes and trip the light fantastic at the high school gym. They’ll have wonderful music and refreshments, and great student hosts and hostesses. If you haven’t gone before, do it now … it’s free and it’s fun.

For times and information, call the high school at 283-1600 … and enjoy! (Ryan Jesse and Jon Josten better be rustling up two additional “dates” two years from now when they are seniors … Carolyn, Maizie, Jonni Moon and Eloise Koenig, and our “chauffeur” Bruce Robertson, can hardly wait ….)

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With cell phones stuck in their ears, it’s no wonder some kids today can’t think for themselves … they can’t survive without someone else’s input … too bad … they might find the world quite interesting if they “came unplugged” ….

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Lastly, we wish Rick at Devincenzi’s would rethink his decision not to have male hoochie dancers perform there … we’re sooooo disappointed … (now we’re definitely banned from there … but at least we tried) ….

Carolyn DeMar and Maizie Harris Jesse are longtime Carson City residents. Write to them at editor@nevadaappeal.com.