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What’s acceptable depends on society

ALAN C. EDWARDS, Carson City

Every child born into a society considers what he sees, hears and participates in as normal and accepts it without question. The beliefs and cultural mores of the society become his beliefs and mores.

Some societies have adopted folkways that seem bizarre, cruel and devoid of reason. Formerly in China it was considered normal to bind the feet of young girls and in primitive regions of Africa and the Middle East young girls undergo a painful genital mutilation. These horrors were thought to be necessary to make them marriageable. Will Americans accept their enslavement as normal?

The beliefs, mores and cultural values that built Western civilization are being purposely and systematically destroyed. Each succeeding generation since the turn of the century has been subtly conditioned to accept as normal an ever increasing loss of freedom and ever increasing control of their lives by totalitarian government.

People who held traditional values of Western civilization began being called fogies, squares and old fashioned and subjected to mild ridicule. These people today are subjected to vile and vicious denunciation. They are cursed by every derogatory and defamatory term imaginationable from anti-Semitic to xenophobic.

Their extermination will be cheered by a generation of brain-washed zombies whose minds have been destroyed by propaganda. Enslavement by a totalitarian world government will be regarded as normal, just as women accepted foot binding and genital mutilation as normal in other societies.