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Wisdom from our returning soldiers

the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

Like the friends and family members who greeted them on Saturday, we welcome home the soldiers from the Nevada Army Guard’s 1/221st Cavalry and thank them for their service to their country.

The 110 soldiers have spent a year in Iraq protecting convoys – a dangerous mission – and it is a relief that all returned safely.

They also brought back some important thoughts that give all of us perspectives worth remembering, whether we support the war or not.

For one thing, many of the men and women fighting this war are doing so because they wanted to serve their country, plain and simple. Some left their wives and family members to do that, and you won’t find a greater demonstration of patriotism anywhere.

Said Spc. Benjamin Pesis, “I had family members that came to America to escape religious persecution, and I know that freedom was bought with blood and sacrifice. I wanted to give back.”

That doesn’t mean one needs to agree with or support the war, but it should remind everyone that the quarrel is not with the troops but with the political leaders who must respect that patriotism and use it responsibly.

Another lesson is that in return for their service, soldiers deserve support. “The support that people have shown me buoyed me up. The care packages and the support from home is what helped all of us get through this,” said Staff Sgt. John Deal of Carson City.

And lastly, back to Spc. Pesis, probably one of the most important lessons to remember is how lucky we are to live in the U.S., one of the safest places on earth where people enjoy comforts and opportunities unheard of in much of the world.

Let’s not take that for granted.