Wow, what a week |

Wow, what a week

Glen McAdoo

The seven days ending on May 16 were something else. Kelly Sadler, a White House communications aide, said that John McCain’s refusal to endorse President Trump’s nominee to become head of the CIA didn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.” President Trump inexplicably said he wanted to help China’s giant telecom company ZTE, which is deemed to be a major cyber threat to our national security. Why? North Korea announced it might cancel the talks between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, after Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton, opened his big mouth. Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, came the really bad news that Tom Wolfe had died at the age of 88.

First, let me say a few words about Tom Wolfe. Wolfe was born in Virginia and attended Yale, then went on to become one of America’s finest authors. Most critics seem to believe that “Bonfire of the Vanities” was his best work. Most of you will be more familiar with “The Right Stuff,” which is an historical account of the beginning of our space program. It was made into a fine film about America’s first astronauts. Wolfe always dressed in a three-piece suit with button-up high collar shirts. He called the way he dressed “neo-pretentious.” He will be missed.

Kelly Sadler should be fired, fired, fired. As of May 16, neither Sadler or anyone from the White House has apologized for her vile remarks about one of our great heroes. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with John McCain concerning his political views. It is not acceptable to mock his possible demise. During Trump’s campaign, he ridiculed McCain claiming he wasn’t a hero because he got caught. Outrageous comments like that led to Sadler’s disparaging remarks. The president seemed more concerned the comment “leaked out,” calling the leaker a traitor and coward. This wasn’t a leak so to speak. It didn’t contain any national security info or classified material. It was just a stupid comment by a lightweight aide which exemplified the president’s mean spirited name calling.

“What we have in mind is a Libya model,” said John Bolton, on May 15, regarding North Korea. Libya’s Kaddafi was killed after getting rid of his nuclear program. These remarks more than anything else have caused the North Koreans to threaten to cancel the proposed summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un. It seems total denuclearization is not a starting point the North Koreans can accept. The talk of a Nobel prize now seem foolishly premature as many of us thought in the first place.

ZTE makes about 10 percent of cell phones sold in the U.S. U.S. intelligence has said ZTE poses a major security risk to the country. They have violated sanctions placed on Iran and North Korea. Congress has made it clear that ZTE should not be allowed to operate in this country. So why, on May 15, did Trump suddenly change all that and announce he wants to help the struggling giant? Why indeed? He said it is because “too many jobs in China lost.” Say what? Here’s an idea. Trump’s announcement on ZTE came within hours after China loaned $500 million to an Indonesian resort with close ties to Trump’s business. Trump will make millions. Did China bribe our president? Did our president accept a bribe? Things like this are difficult to prove. But, it looks like quid pro quo, it acts like quid pro quo and it smells like quid pro quo. It stinks.

On May 15, there were primaries in several states. In Pennsylvania, four women won primaries. Why is this significant? As of now, all Pennsylvania state legislators, state senators, federal legislators, two U.S senators, and the governor are men. You may have thought women were making progress; Pennsylvania makes it crystal clear we have a long way to go.

On May 16, President Trump released his financial statement which discloses he broke the law. More to come on this. The Senate released its bipartisan report on the Russia probe making it certain that Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton was receiving Russia help in the election. The report makes the GOP House report look like the sham it is. Finally, two Suspicious Activity Reports filed by the Republic Bank regarding Michael Cohen’s transactions are missing according to a Treasury Department Crime Enforcement agent. The agent, who clearly broke the law, did so fearing possible nefarious actions by the Trump folks who might have taken the two missing reports. I’ll cover May 16 in depth in the future.

Wow, what a week!

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