Your two cents: gas tax for bike paths |

Your two cents: gas tax for bike paths

by staff

I’m all for keeping a five cent a gallon tax for the bicycle pathways because if it went away, the gas prices would still be up anyway so we’re used to paying that.

Rick, Carson City

Extending the gas tax for the purpose of funding a bike path is ridiculous. in 1997 the gas tax was approved to fund a freeway bypass. Special interest groups are using the press to make this bike path issue be bigger than it really is. Let’s get real.

Tom, Carson City

We definitely believe the bicycle path should be extended and also perhaps extend the gas tax to help pay for it. We also believe it can be done for less than the amount figured; possibly the smaller amount.

Charles, Carson City

I am very much for having a bike path. We belong to a couple of bike groups that are looking forward to coming to Carson City, spending some money and using the bike path.

Marion, Carson City

No, it is not worth extending the gas tax. Cars use the streets and pay taxes on the upkeep of streets. They do not use bicycles. Gas taxes are very high now. Bicycles should be licensed to pay for construction and upkeep of the bicycle paths. Call it a users fee.

Roma, Carson City

My husband, Everett and I are very much in favor of the bike path and would be willing to pay the extra gas tax to fund it. I think it’s very important for tourism also as we do travel and the places that have bike paths are really an attraction for people who want to get away from their own environment.

Nicki, Carson City

I think the bike path over the bypass is a ridiculous idea.

Chester, Carson City

I’m opposed to the use of gas, petroleum or automobile related funding for bicycles. They should be taken care of by licensing, permitting or registration of bicycles so that they pay for themselves.

Gene, Carson City