Your two cents: multi track school |

Your two cents: multi track school

by staff

I have two kids who went from first through sixth grade on multi track. They loved it, I loved it, their grades were much better, there was no lag, they didn’t get bored during the summer and I really hope Douglas doesn’t change it.

Debbie, Gardnerville

Having spent many years as a principal of two multi-track schools, I can tell you there is no advantage for children on a year-round calendar. It disrupts families, is more expensive to operate and is a nightmare to manage. It stultifies teachers’ creativity and should be abandoned at the first opportunity.

Curt, Douglas County

My children attend a single-track year-round school. I think it is important to distinguish between traditional track, single track year-round and multi-track year round. I think single track year-round is the best option.

Diane, Minden

Douglas County should re-evaluate multi track. It should be discontinued. The only way to do this is to have year-round school but not multi-track. That will utilize the facilities and that will give the people enough time off to do what they have to do.

Tony, Carson City

I think definitely multi-track should be reevaluated. I worked under multi- track for many years. We’re on a singe track now but there’s a lot of confusion and a lot of disruption within. Multi-track definitely should be reevaluated and to my knowledge, teachers in Douglas County who are involved in it now are not very happy at all. Morale is low.

Bruce, Carson Valley