Your two cents: rifle range |

Your two cents: rifle range

by staff

I do not think that outsiders should be in a high school to practice shooting any time, day or night.

Tina, Carson City

I can’t feel that the general public needs access to a range that’s located on school district property. We need to draw the line somewhere. There are other ranges available, maybe not indoor, but outdoor, in Carson City and Douglas County. I agree with School Superintendent Parry, and I think we need to separate this. It would be like putting red on a police officer’ suniform. It just doesn’t make sense.

Dana, Gardnerville

Yes, I believe the range should be open to nonprofit organizations that work within National Rifle Association guidelines for safety. It should not just be open to the general public but to nonprofit groups and let them practice that way. I don’t think it should be closed because any other group can use the school grounds any way they want and there are more accidents with baseball, football and basketball than there has been with the shooting sports program.

Stan, Gardnerville

I would like to voice my support for keeping the range open to the public. I think that any child should be able to use it as long as they are supervised by an adult, and I think anybody connected with any sort of a gun club should be allowed to use it.

Tim, Minden

I have friends in 4-H club who use the Carson High School shooting range, and I’d like to register the fact that I support their use of that range and would find it an unhappy event if Carson High closed them out.

John, Minden

I think outsiders should be able to use the Carson High School shooting range.

Karen, Minden

I would like to cast my vote in support of the youth group shooting at the Carson High School range.

Bill, Gardnerville

I definitely think that outsiders should be allowed to use the Carson High School shooting range. I repeat, groups and organizations should be allowed to use the Carson High School shooting range.

Chris, Carson City

I believe that rifle club should be able to use this rifle range because we built it and it was an agreement 18 years ago with the school board that if we helped build it, we would be allowed to participate and use it.

Ken, Carson City

Absolutely the club should be allowed to continue using that facility, particularly because they helped to build and maintain it. They have the required insurance coverage and it is an asset to the community to be able to train people in the safe handling and use of guns in this manner. In fact, the school superintendents would be well advised to make some of their students attend some of these classes, Then, perhaps, we could avoid tragedy such as what happened at Columbine.

Ken, Minden

I think the range should be open to qualified groups of people who have good supervision and insurance.

Tom, Carson City

Both my children, son and daughter, learned to shoot there and as a consequence went on to competition in college and still shoot today. It is a safe place to be. No accidents have ever been observed there, and it’s just part of the shooting sport of the Olympics. Kids who shoot and have guns at home socialize within the family. You’ll find the kids who steal guns on the street, that’s where they socialize, with gangs.

Jack, Carson City