Your two cents: Tiburon system |

Your two cents: Tiburon system

by various

I find it kind of interesting they’re talking with Reno about them possibly doing the dispatch, but they are currently busy changing over to Tiburon. If they’re changing over to Tiburon it’s because they have too much money or because they’ve actually done a study and found that Tiburon will do what they need to have done, just like they did here with their committee.

Mike, Carson City

No, I don’t think this issue needs any more debate or study. The three representative spent 32 months looking into this issue, and I think that information services have lost sight of who their customers are. The dispatch people want Tiburon. Tiburon will work best for them. That’s what they should get.

Cheryl, Carson City

Let the people who use the computer system decide what is best for them. Another clear case of once again the mayor and city hall trying to force their will on the people.

Calvin, Carson City

I think whatever Mayor Ray decides to do, and the supervisors, we need to go by. This is just another thing of unions trying to put their heavy hand in everything. Abolish the unions and this country is a lot better. Make those people go out and get a real job instead of taking money out of the pocket of people who pay their dues. Get rid of the unions, get rid of those people and things will go a lot smoother.

Jay, Carson City

I think they had enough consultants on this dispatch debate. I think they ought to go ahead and get something done instead of fooling around.

Harold, Carson City

Let’s get on with it. Get that Tiburon. If Reno gets theirs, fine. They can join us down here. But after 32 months, we should get with it. Thirty two months is long enough for a study of this type.

Fran, Carson City

What’s the dollar value of a human life? The city is penny wise and pound foolish in failing to buy the Tiburon state of the art dispatch system. City officials don’t hesitate to spend tax payer dollars for studies. No more money for studies. Get the best system for citizen safety now.

Ellen, Carson City

I agree with firefighters and the city employees and the sheriff’s department. Is this going to be another Genesis system? When this system goes down, who is going to help these people in need if you have another system as DMV learned. Low bidder is not always the one to choose.

Gretchen, Carson City

I think the debate over the dispatch center in Carson is ridiculous. Let the people who do the job pick what they need. I don’t think they need any more study. The problem with dispatch centers has been that administration buys the cheapest junk that is outdated, and they don’t let the people who do the job pick what they need.

Vicki, Carson City

Certainly the debate over the dispatch system that’s supposed to be put into place doesn’t need any more study. A decision ought to be forthcoming from those responsible for making decisions like that.

Rodger, Carson City

Why was the cost of the overrun of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the new city hall primary while the 911 dispatch needs for the citizens seems to be secondary.

Don, Carson City