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Out & About: Thankful to live in Carson City

Kim Riggs
For the Nevada Appeal

First a quick thank you to Seeliger Elementary teacher Debbie Hartley. I was working out this past Monday night and not enjoying the freezing weather. I hit the corner of Koontz Street and Saliman Road, a nice gentleman had a mishap, falling on the snow and ice. I was going to run back to my house to get my car, when a van stopped at the stop sign. I knocked on the window and, lucky for me, it was Debbie Hartley. She rolled her window down, a little cautious and asked what had happened. I quickly explained the situation and that I felt he shouldn’t wait in the freezing cold. Debbie didn’t hesitate; she eagerly moved items from the front seat to accommodate a stranger in need of help.

I love this town and this type of kindness doesn’t happen everywhere. When you are saying your thank yous today, remember how blessed you are to live in Carson City. It’s an amazing town with so many generous, kind and loving individuals.

Debbie, I hope you and your family and all the readers have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day. To the very nice gentlemen, I hope you and your wife a very special Thanksgiving and my prayers to your wife for a full recovery.

New local men’s health clinic

I am a big fan of Marina Works at Carson City Health & Human Services. Marina has brought new energy, new health programming and general awareness to our community.

With Marina and Ronnie at the helm and, of course, Pam Graber what can be done will be done and thank goodness because it only makes the community healthier.

That being said this item is for men. The new Men’s Clinic will be providing immunizations, smoking cessation, sexual health screenings and treatment, HIV testing, testicular exams and free safe sex kits. These appointments are every Monday and are based on a sliding scale for payment. If you have any questions, call and find out if they can help you. And really it’s O.K. to ask for directions, I mean questions. Men of all ages are welcome so don’t hesitate to call.

WHO: Carson City Health & Human Services

WHAT: The new Men’s Clinic

WHEN: Mondays by appointment 4-6 p.m.

WHERE: 900 E. Long Street

COST: Based on sliding scale income

CONTACT: 887-2195

Red Ribbon Affair

What is the Red Ribbon Affair? Great question. It is the first event ever in Carson City to increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education regarding HIV/AIDS. Northern Nevada HOPES and Carson City Health and Human Services work together to address the needs of local people undergoing HIV/AIDS treatment, who live with stigmatization and discrimination every day.

Red Ribbon Affair is an evening dedicated to increasing understanding and opening hearts to those who are afflicted within our community who are undergoing treatment and need support.

WHO: Red Ribbon Affair

WHAT: Raising awareness concerning HIV/AIDS within the community

WHEN: 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 1

WHERE: Silver Oak Golf Course, 1251 Country Club Drive, Carson City

COST: $25 admission includes hors d’oeuvres, wine, performance art. Order tickets at http://www.gethealthycarsoncity.org.

CONTACT: For more information, call 283-7906

PROCEEDS BENEFIT: Funds support individuals in our community who are undergoing treatment

NEXT WEEK: Advocates to End Domestic Violence Annual Food Drive, Friends to All Senior Santa Visits and Capital City Community Band will perform a free concert

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