Past Pages for Aug. 1- Aug. 4 |

Past Pages for Aug. 1- Aug. 4

By Sue Ballew and Trent Dolan


150 Years Ago

An attempt to break jail:   (White Pine News).   Flynn who has been sentenced for seven years in the State Prison tried to break jail after someone furnished him with a knife.  He cut through the door of his cell.  When discovered, he was heavily ironed and chained to the floor. He will be kept in that position until he is taken to Warm Springs.

140 Years Ago

A sickly young man:  The editor of the Appeal, now at the Lake, ate fourteen pounds of trout at breakfast.  Two hours after, he was invited to another meal, adding another five pounds.  He told the writer that ill health and lack of appetite necessitated immediate recreation.  

130 Years Ago

Married by Justice W. A. Hawthorne, Gaudenzio Ferrari and Aureglia Raffeto.

120 Years Ago

Classified ads:  “Rathbone Sisters Temple meets every second and fourth Thursday at Odd Fellows’ Hall.  Visiting members cordially invited.”

110 Years Ago

Born:  In Carson City, Nevada, July 23, 1910, to the wife of W. D. Fothergill, a daughter.

100 Years Ago

Reno explosion:  An acetylene explosion in the First street garage in Reno did a lot of damage to the small building and neighboring edifices.  Windows were broken and displays smashed.  Earlier that evening the attendant lit a match as he opened the door and an explosion followed.  The building was totaled, the attendant shaken up and bruised.  He is serious condition in the hospital.


150 years ago

The Lake Tahoe Stage from this place, J.M. Benton, proprietor, connects with the steamer on the Lake which leaves Glenbrook House for Tahoe City every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Parties desiring to go to California by this route can do so, and will doubtless find the trip as delightful as can be taken at this season of the year.

140 years ago

The Comstock Bourbons. — The organization of a Hancock and English Club goes bravely on in Virginia City. On Saturday night one of the organizers fired five shots at another organizer without hitting him once. There is talk of expelling Graham from the club for bad marksmanship.

130 years ago

Some years ago a public building was started in this city, supposed to be designed for the use as a Post Office. People congratulated themselves that at last Carson was to have a post office where mail could be reached without stepping on the toes of a seven women and a dozen small boys in the narrow passage, and finally a large board fence was erected about the spot which had taken so long to select and had arrayed neighbor against neighbor for nearly a year. (See Post Office)

120 years ago

Over in Jackson, Cal., eighty cases of small pox are reported and several deaths have resulted. The Placerville “Nugget” states the the disease has made its appearance on the road between that place and Blue Lakes. Just a few days ago a number of people who were camped there left hurriedly and drove through to Gardnerville, and they were scared at the report.

100 years ago

The D’Olier party were arrivals in Carson late Saturday and were at once taken to the Mansion, where they participated in a dinner tendered by Governor and Mrs. Boyle. This concluded they replied to the Capitol building, where the exercises were held which marked the dedication of the “Nevada Heroes’ Memorial Building” now under construction on one of the lots facing the Capitol to the west. 


150 years ago

The Orphan’s Home. — A petition is in circulation and being numerously signed for the appointment of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Robinson to take charge of the children who may be sent to this institution. From our knowledge of the parties and from a glance at the names on the petitioners, we should judge Mr. and Mrs. Robinson worthy of the place they seek.

140 years ago

A Collision. — Last evening as Mrs. Magee was driving up Carson street, her buggy collided with a horse in front of Benton’s stable and a front wheel of the vehicle was nearly torn off. The lady was scarcely cognizant of the mishap and would have been thrown out of the buggy if she had driven much farther. 

130 years ago

(Post Office, from previous day) After many months the public were allowed to peer inside the fence and see what had been done. Somebody had spend several thousand dollars raising a large crop of weeds, and about ten dollars worth of grading had been done, and that was about all (See Post Office).

120 years ago

We are requested by the proper authorities that if dog owners do not immediately procure tags for their canines that their dogs will be shot! No exceptions!

100 years ago

Governor Boyle returned this morning from San Francisco, where yesterday he was in conference with other interests regarding the taking of water from Lake Tahoe for the purpose of saving the crops of Western Nevada. 

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.