People and things in the local area |

People and things in the local area

Don Quilici

Norm Budden of Carson City “claimed” that the banged-up tailgate on his pickup fell open on the way back from Walker Lake. He said his ice chest fell out onto the highway, spilled open, his 4-pound cutthroat slide down the highway and was run over by a large semi-truck and trailer. That 4-pound Cutt had to be about 12 feet long and about a half-inch thick.

The main U.S. Post Office in Carson City might want to spend a few dollars to fill in the impressive pot holes in its parking lot. Or, they might want to fill them with water and fish to create some new urban fishing ponds.

Don Quilici of Carson City caught a 2-pound, 8 1/2 ounce cutthroat trout at Walker Lake. He aced out Bob “Slick” McCulloch of Carson City for bragging rights for the year. McCulloch’s cutthroat weighed 2-pounds, 8 ounces. Yahoo! A win is a win, not matter now thin!

Syd Schlachta of Stagecoach was fishing in a boat at Topaz Lake in the recent Riordan Derby, with her husband Wayne. When he asked her to throw out the anchor, she did exactly that. However, the anchor was not tied to a rope and it is now, somewhere, on the bottom of the lake.