Phoenix, Ariz. hunter guilty of wanton waste |

Phoenix, Ariz. hunter guilty of wanton waste

Don Quilici

According to a press release by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), an out-of-state resident was found guilty of the crime of unlawful waste of game, often called “wanton waste.”

Erik William Swanson of Phoenix, Ariz., was found guilty of wanton waste and will be sentenced in about thirty days in Reno Justice Court.

Swanson faces up to six months in Washoe County Jail and a fine of up to $500 in addition to the loss of all hunting privileges in the state.

“People who waste these animals are not sportsmen, they are criminals,” said Rob Buonamici, chief game warden in Reno. “We are particularly disturbed when criminals masquerade as hunters and waste precious Nevada resources.”

The specifics of the incident started on August 27, 2005 when Swanson illegally shot a doe antelope while hunting in unit 014 in Northern Washoe County with a valid buck tag.

Although he knew that he shot and killed the doe, Swanson decided to leave it to rot.

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Several hunters witnessed the shooting and informed game wardens that investigated the case, and a successful investigation and prosecution followed.

The conviction by the Washoe County District Attorney’s office comes on the heels of a significant increase in wildlife crime across the state this year.

The key to this case were three eyewitnesses who reported essential, timely information to game wardens. In fact, many wildlife crime are solved through the help, attention and dedication of honest hunters and sportsmen, according to Buonamici.

Game wardens are asking hunters in the field to report any suspicious activity and wildlife crimes to Operation Game Thief (OGT) at (800) 992-3030. Only through the public’s help can game wardens protect wildlife.