Pioneer graduates never lost sight of goals |

Pioneer graduates never lost sight of goals

Pioneer High School Valedictorian Brianna Rotter addresses the audience and her classmates at graduation ceremonies Wednesday evening at the Carson City Community Center.
Brad Coman | Nevada Appeal

Students who never lost sight of their goals became a theme as Pioneer High School said goodbye to nearly 50 students Wednesday night.

The graduation ceremony was held in the Carson City Community Center Wednesday night and featured special guests from the school board and faculty from Pioneer to congratulate the students.

“They have never lost sight of their goals,” Cary Jordan, Pioneer counselor said at the ceremony. “You will have an opportunity to build our community, guide our country, and teach others. We wish you success and happiness in the years ahead.”

Jordan said many of the students plan to move onto higher education, planning on attending schools such as Western Nevada College and University of Nevada Reno.

Multiple students presented at the graduation as well, including the student body president.

“We all refused to give up and quit,” Cierra Skenandore, student body president said.

“Pioneer has impacted the way we live our lives, and taught us how to expand our minds and pursue our dreams.”

Many students believed the staff at Pioneer was to thank for helping them through high school and accomplishing their goals.

“A big shout out to those who believed in us,” Cecilia Ramirez-Ledezma, a Pioneer student said. “Because of that, like Jay-Z said, ‘I got 99 problems, but graduation ain’t one.’”

“Thank you to Principle (Jason) Zona and the rest of the staff for providing each student with their personal and academic needs,” added Brianna Rotter, class valedictorian.

Proud loved ones rooted for their graduates as the students walked down to collect their diplomas. Rotter left the students with one last piece of advice:

“I challenge you to go and make the world a better place,” Rotter said.