Pioneer High School JAG students learn about state government |

Pioneer High School JAG students learn about state government

Trevor K. Freitas
Gov. Brian Sandoval addresses JAG students from Pioneer High School.
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On March 2 students from across the state spent a day at the Nevada Legislature to learn how state politics work.

The JAG program (Jobs for America’s Graduates) was created to help students understand the importance of civic participation.

To date, it has been included in more than 40 high schools with chapters in 13 of the 16 counties across the state.

The students had the opportunity to meet with representatives and senators, discuss various topics with a member of the Nevada Supreme Court, tour the Capitol building, eat lunch in the banquet room of the Governor’s Mansion, and sit in committee meetings.

They even had the honor of meeting with Gov. Sandoval and asked him a myriad of questions.

Sandoval told the many JAG students in his room, “You are the future of Nevada, and it’s very important that you’re here to learn about our government, because you can be one of those sitting in the Assembly chamber someday.”

He also mentioned how big of a focus it is to improve education in the state and to inspire students to potentially be the ones to make those policies one day; policies which will benefit multiple generations.

Trevor K. Freitas is a JAG Specialist at Pioneer High School.