Pioneer High student addresses the art of anti-bullying |

Pioneer High student addresses the art of anti-bullying

CeAnna Fletcher
Pioneer High School’s anti-bullying pledge: ‘I will not use my hands for hitting or my words for hurting others. I will use them only for helping.’
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For my leadership class at Pioneer High School, I was given a project of community change. I chose bullying because this has been an issue that has affected me and most of the community at some point.

Our school was given several anti-bullying books from a grant and the Carson City Library collection known as the “Bully Free Zone,” for students to check out if they would like one.

I was able to have this collection available to students in the PHS main office for the remainder of the school year. It will be added to the PHS library when our new school construction is completed during the 2017-18 school year.

I also created an anti-bullying board to spread awareness that this subject is all around us. The art board also shows how students at PHS are committed to taking steps to create a better environment for students in Carson City.

The art board will bring a positive message to share with others and several of our classmates participated in the project as a student team.

Unfortunately, every day someone gets bullied or might think about suicide from a bully. What the students have signed on our art board project sends a message to our peers that they will not be part of the problem, nor be a bystander.

Through the creation of the anti-bullying art wall, awareness library, and through student pledges and communication, I hope that one day suicide rates will decrease, kids will feel safer going to school, and fewer bullies will roam, with more happiness for everyone.

CeAnna Fletcher is a Leadership Student at Pioneer High School.