Voting rights restored for ex-felons |

Voting rights restored for ex-felons

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Gov. Steve Sisolak on Wednesday signed AB431, which automatically restores voting rights to thousands of ex-felons who are released from prison and have been discharged form parole or probation.
He said the bill will affect some 77,000 Nevadans who will immediately get their right to vote back because the bill is retroactive.
He said Nevada currently has about the most restrictive laws when it comes to restoring voter rights to convicted people.
With his signature, he said Nevada becomes the 39th state to automatically restore voting rights to those released from prison.
At the same time, he signed AB192 which establishes a process for sealing the records of people convicted of an offense that has since been decriminalized. It primarily applies to those convicted long ago of marijuana possession which, until a decade ago, was a felony in Nevada.