Prison cited in dramatic spike in Carson City COVID-19 cases |

Prison cited in dramatic spike in Carson City COVID-19 cases

A massive outbreak of the coronavirus at Warm Springs Prison dramatically spiked the number of virus cases in the capital.

Prison officials say as of Monday midday, 424 of the 525 inmates at Warm Springs and 25 staff were infected.

Task Force Director Caleb Cage said that outbreak is driving Carson City’s numbers and accounts for the 23.6 percent positivity rate in the capital. In just the past day, he said the state added 1,913 new cases, 351 of them in Carson City — a whopping 18 percent of the statewide total.

Asked if there were any indications people were following the governor’s call last week for Nevadans to stay home, wear masks when out and avoiding crowds, deputy Health Division Health Administrator Julia Peek said there are some indications from local officials. That more people are wearing masks, especially in businesses.

Cage said 13 of the state’s 17 counties are now flagged for higher risk of virus transmission. He added that hospitalizations have risen to 1,157 people, just shy of the 1,165 recorded July 31.

He said his team and the governor are exploring every mitigation option available to stop the spread of the virus. Ahead of Thanksgiving, Cage urged people to stay home with their immediate family.

“We understand that when groups gather, that’s how the disease is spread,’ he said.

Peek called on people to “connect with family in different ways.”