Reader Board returns to the Four Corners in Silver Springs |

Reader Board returns to the Four Corners in Silver Springs

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Groups putting on events in Silver Springs can put their messages up in lights again.

The Reader Board, a 4-feet-long lighted board designed to notify the community of goings-on, was repaired last month after being on the fritz for two years.

The sign was damaged by high winds in 2005.

Margaret Ruckman, director of the Silver Springs Chamber of Commerce, said groups wanting to put notices up can do so, as long as they keep it short.

“You have to be very brief,” she said. “We only have so many letters and you have to put it on both sides.”

The sign now advertises the Silver Springs Entertainment and Arts Quilt and Fiber Optics show, going on Saturday and Sunday at the Silver Springs Senior Center. The sign only advertises the name of the event, the date, time, location and a phone number.

The Chamber of Commerce spent two years raising the $1,500 necessary to repair the Reader Board, located at the Four Corners of Highway 50 and Highway 95A.

Most of the work was done by Jack and Mary Eshenaur of Dayton, but Timberline Electric Co. came out to repair frayed and exposed wiring.

The marquee was originally purchased after funds were raised through donations from companies, individuals, Silver Springs Chamber of Commerce and a grant from the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

Ruckman said anyone who wants to use the reader board in the community to advertise should call 577-2637.

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At a glance

The Reader Board at the Four Corners of highways 50 and 95A is 4-feet long and lighted to notify the community of activities in Silver Springs.