Rebecca Beisenstein, Carson City Supervisor |

Rebecca Beisenstein, Carson City Supervisor

I am running for supervisor to give voters a choice. I want to be an advocate for the residents of my ward and for all residents of Carson City. I will be diligent, attentive and objective when making decisions that will affect our community.

I am concerned about the automobile traffic congestion on our streets. We need to continue the development of multipurpose paths that connect all areas of our city allowing pedestrians and bicyclists a safe and pleasant alternative to driving.

In addition, I believe Carson City should have a scheduled, reliable public transportation system available to all who travel to work, school or other important commitments.

I see the use of water as of vital importance to our community. The more water we want to use the more expensive it is to produce. Conservation of our most precious resource will be a continuing learning process as Carson City grows and develops. The recent Waterfall fire has destroyed all vegetation of our major watershed, which will have a large impact on our future water supply.