Recent fish plants in Western Nevada |

Recent fish plants in Western Nevada

Don Quilici

Sept. 26: Washoe Lake in Washoe Valley: 12,000 Channel Catfish, 4.0 inches in length.

Sept. 28: Wilson Common in Washoe Valley: 498 rainbow trout, 11.5 inches.

Sept. 28: Marilyn’s Pond in Washoe County: 498 rainbows, 11.5 inches.

Oct. 1: Liberty Pond in Churchill County: 1,005 rainbows, 8.6 inches.

Oct. 3: Sparks Marina in Sparks: 3,605 rainbows, 8.5 inches.

Oct. 4: Rye Patch Reservoir in Pershing County: 494 rainbows, 8.8 inches.

For information, call the Fisheries Bureau of the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) at 688-1500 during their regular business hours.