Recorded marriage certificates |

Recorded marriage certificates

To Emily Jayne Neff, 36, and Donald Lee Emlaw, 36, both of Stagecoach.

To Heather Elizabeth Mattoon, 23, and Timothy Richard Royce, 38, both of Carson City.

To Yolanda Leeann Gonzalez, 37, of Carson City, and Jeffrey P. Kerr, 36, of Deshler, Ohio.

To Michelle Nicole McQueary, 28, and Lawrence Allen Woodington III, 29, both of Dayton.

To Lena Ellen Reseck, 34, of Dayton, and Michael W. Tripp, 44, of Gardnerville.

To Naomi Elena John, 19, and Jose Alberto Nava Landeros, 29, both of Minden.

To Britany Danne Mackie, 21, and Jacob Richard Beck, 22, both of Carson City.

To Robin Michelle Hanson, 25, and Matthew James Bell, 27, both of Carson City.

To Bobbie Sue Siregar, 64, and Kenwood Archie Kline II, 49, both of Carson City.

To Charlene Edeana Hoffman, 53, of Canada, and Dean Harley Eichen, 53, of Silver Springs.

To Lara Michelle Wall, 35, and Michael James Colburn, 49, both of Minden.

To Phyllis Young Hyatt, 51, and Ralph Brent Hansen, 53, both of Carson City.

To Kristin Nichole Rink, 19, and Ryan Ward Berg, 25, both of Dayton.

To Bree Tatum Reed, 32, and Troy Phillip Evans, 30, both of Carson City.

To Vanessa Zorina Azar, 33, and Brian Lee Soulier, 40, both of Stagecoach.

To Laura Corona Jaimes, 20, of Reno, and Jose Ascension Madrid Espinoza, 32, of Carson City.

To Leticia Robles-Caro, 35, and Humberto Vera-Moron, 37, both of Dayton.

To Carole Anne Owen, 45, and Mark A. Wildes, 50, both of Carson City.

To Colleen Ann Bush, 44, and Robert Anthony Zevnick, 46, both of Carson City.

To Tamara Susan Hitt-Corona, 46, and Christopher Allen Sneddon, 41, both of Fallon.

Editor’s note: Marriage certificates are recorded in the City/County clerk’s office after the fact of a marriage.

They are published as a courtesy in the Nevada Appeal on a space-available basis. Due to this restriction, it may take up to five weeks for an announcement to appear.