Recycling essay: ‘How can we improve our school?’ |

Recycling essay: ‘How can we improve our school?’

by Sam Osheroff

To recycle means to reuse for more purpose without wasting. That’s one of the most brilliant ideas ever. We need to extend the life of anything we can, so that we can keep the amount of trash out of our ecosystem.

I belong to Carson High School, and our track is made out of old tires and tennis shoes. What a perfect idea. That’s where I have come up with my recycling contest plan.

My plan is to set up a recycling contest with my school because of American Recycles Day (Nov. 15 each year), except it will be for one week. I will go out and get three iPods donated. The actual contest will be the person who can donate the most to be recycled. I will accept almost anything that will help our ecosystem. I have been saving up for a laptop for a while, so I could organize all this.

I will give a big iPOD for first place, a mini-pod for second and a shuffle for third. All of the items will go straight to the recycle plant. If I get money out of this, say for bottles, the money is going straight to my school. This is my plan for America Recycles Day.

n Sam Osheroff, 14, is a ninth-grader at Carson High School.