Reid meets with Carson juvenile justice advocates |

Reid meets with Carson juvenile justice advocates

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV., met this week with Carson City officials to discuss a program designed to keep children out of the juvenile justice system.

Reid, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, met with Carson District Attorney Neil Rombardo and his top deputy Gerald Gardner to discuss the Fight Crime Invest in Kids program headed by Nick Alexander.

“This critical program works with at-risk children and teens to reduce the chances that they will become involved in violent crimes,” said Reid.

He called for investment in the program.

The group advocates funding high-quality early education programs, prevention of child abuse and neglect as well as after-school programs.

“High-quality early-childhood education is a proven crime fighting took,” said Rombardo.

He said public safety officials must understand the need to involve more children in those types of programs to help them acquire learning skills and social skills to keep them out of trouble with the law.